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    Oliver Jordan - Portraits II / Musicians

    Opening on Saturday, June 26 from 12.00 to 20.00. Exhibition from June 26 to September 4 2021

    Galerie Seippel, Zeughausstrasse 26, Köln

    Inauguration of the portrait of Norbert Lammert
    on September 15th in the Bundestag. More info


    Portrait - Oil on canvas - 105 x 85 cm - 2016

    Iggy Pop

    Portrait - Oil on canvas - 105 x 85 cm - 2020

    Anyone who has opened himself to the work of Oliver Jordan takes part in the process of deceleration and simultaneously learns the new definition of realism in contemporary painting.

    Michael Euler-Schmidt and Andreas Blühm

    Oliver Jordan painting for Meiser headquarter in Schmelz-Limbach, Germany.



    His works are characterised by multiple layers of meaning, ranging from pencil drawings and oil sketches to rather more physical and to some extent monumental canvasses.

    Common to all pieces is a contrastive dialogue between a precise, formalised structure and liberal, rhythmic deconstruction. Jordan gives his paintings a powerful, masterful treatment, creating multilayered, wall-dominating objects that, from close up, reveal abstract rivers of colour.

    At the same time his motifs project an astonishing visual presence, with an illusion lurking beneath the surface.

    The impasto technique Jordan applies lends his paintings a sensual character in terms of both surface structure and colour.


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    Triptychon Gustav Mahler, Igor Strawinsky, Arnold Schönberg
    Oil on canvas | Each 800 x 300cm | 2001/02
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    A selection of Oliver Jordan's portraits

    Oliver Jordan painting Bowie